What Is The Rarest Lego Color? Explore The Colorful World of Legos In This Guide

I am a huge Lego fan, and I have quite the collection in my home. However, I am full of questions that could drive the casual Lego fan insane. For example, I have been wondering about the rarest Lego color.

Truthfully, this is a great question. What is the rarest Lego color? How can I enhance my collection without the rarest color in the Lego world? After pondering this question for a while, I decided it was time to hop online and do a little research.

My research ranged from blogs to forums to videos. I wanted to find the answer from Lego fans who would ensure their information was accurate.

Did you know one of the rarest Lego colors is part of a set based on a popular franchise? My goal is to find and share the rarest Lego color with other fans, so I am going to reveal that color later in this guide.

As you read through this article, you are going to learn…

  • The rarest Lego color.
  • The rarest Lego piece.
  • Rare elements based on colors and combinations.
  • How to organize Lego pieces by color.
  • Thoughts and information from other Lego masters.

I am excited to share the rarest Lego color with other fans. After all, my guide may help other fans enhance their Lego collections.


What Is The Rarest Lego Color? Find The Answer and Check Out Other Pieces

What is the rarest Lego color? You probably want me to stop beating around the bush and answer the question. I am not going to make you wait much longer to learn the rarest Lego color.

In addition, I am also going to discuss the rarest pieces, the rarest elements, expensive colors and how to organize your pieces.

Revealing The Rarest Lego Color

I mentioned earlier that the rarest Lego color is part of a Lego set that revolves around a popular franchise. If you are a fan of Star Wars, this is going to add to your excitement.

In 2016, Brick Odyssey found that the chrome black Darth Vader helmet was the rarest Lego color.

Chrome Black Darth Vader

To quote this Lego blog:”

This is a color that appears in a single set, the Chrome Darth Vader, a promotional polybag released in 2009 with a limit of 10,000.

What a great addition to any Lego or Star Wars collection. The blog shared a side-by-side photo of the Darth Vader helmet in chrome black and black, and you can certainly see the gorgeous shine in the chrome black helmet.

This Minifigure helmet was $130 back in 2016, but the price seems to vary these days. I recently found it on eBay for a significantly lower price, but it may cost more from a Lego vendor at a flea market. It is going to depend on when and where you shop for this piece.

The price may also vary if you are shopping for the full Chrome Darth Vader set.

You can get a glimpse of the various Lego colors in this video from Brickworld Chicago 2016. In this video, Jeremy Moody shares his Lego brick color chart.

In addition, sand green is another rare Lego color. This beautiful shade is the perfect addition to any Lego collection. In fact, I may actually have sand green in one of my Lego sets.

Exploring Colors and Combinations To Find The Rarest Lego Elements

When I was researching the rarest Lego color, I decided to dive a little deeper and research the rarest Lego element.

The criteria of the rarest Lego elements are based on the color and shape of each piece. It includes genuine Lego pieces and avoids prototype and display-only elements.

If you are interested in diving deeper into the topic of rare Lego pieces, this is the video for you. The video is broken down into slides and topics that can help you find rare Lego pieces.

I was reading through a Lego forum thread that dates back to 2014, which is where I found the criteria for the rarest Lego element. According to the posters in this thread, the rarest Lego element changes throughout the years.

The thread was last updated in April 2020, and the Chrome Gold 2×2 and 1970s antennae pieces are listed as rare elements. In fact, the poster states the antennae pieces are almost all broken, which does make it a rare Lego element.

Honestly, I would love to add both of these pieces to my Lego collection.

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Find The Most Expensive Lego Colors For Your Collection

You can purchase several rare colors and pieces online for reasonable prices, but it depends on where you are purchasing these pieces. Several years ago, one collector was able to purchase a few orange slopes on BrickLink for just a few dollars.

This video counts down the 10 most expensive Lego pieces. You may even have a few of these pieces in your own Lego sets.

Another collector was looking for the green curved roof that was included in the Comic-Con Exclusive Superman Set. However, they could only find it as part of the whole set. The set was about $250 at the time.

Once again, the price of certain Lego colors depends on the piece itself, the availability and the retailer.

What Is The Rarest Lego Piece?

In addition to rare Lego colors and elements, there are also rare Lego pieces. I was curious to find out if I have any rare pieces in my Lego sets. Therefore, I did some extra research on the rarest Lego piece.

I have found several answers on the rarest Lego piece, so I decided to share three of the rarest Lego pieces with everyone.

14-Carat Gold Boba Fett14-Carat Gold Boba Fett

The 14-Carat Boba Fett Figurine takes the crown as the rarest Lego piece. There are only two of these figurines in existence, and they are valued at about $15,000.

It is hard not to wonder who is in possession of the 14-Carat Gold Figurine, but I can tell you that I am not one of those two people.

Mr. Gold MinifigureMr. Gold Minifigure

The Mr. Gold Minifigure was released in 2013 as part of the series 10 blind bags.

There are only five thousand Mr. Gold Minifigures in existence, and he is a very popular Minifigure among Lego fans. You may find yourself paying a lot of money for an authentic Mr. Gold Minifigure.

8x12 Bow Boat Plate in Light Bluish Gray8×12 Bow Boat Plate in Light Bluish Gray

The Bow Boat Plate was part of two sets that were released in 2006 and 2008, and one of those sets was Vader’s TIE Advanced UCS. It is a rare piece that is in high demand because it is associated with this Star Wars set.

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Organizing Lego Pieces By Color

Are you thinking of organizing your Lego pieces by color? Organizing by color can make looking through your pieces easy or difficult. It all depends on your personal preference.

Why It Is Easier To Build When You Organize By Color

If you are not sticking to a specific design, you may find it easier to build when you organize your Legos by color.

For example, my children like to build a range of colorful elements for their Lego village. Keeping their Legos organized by color makes it easier for them to find what they need for their design.

Why Organizing By Color Can Make Building With Legos Difficult

It is no secret that many Lego sets come with very precise instructions, and organizing your Legos by color can make it difficult to complete the design. You have to search through several containers to find the pieces you need for a specific set.

If you prefer to build the actual designs that come with your Lego sets, it is best to organize your Legos by their set rather than color or piece. This way, you can quickly pull out all the pieces you need for a specific set.

How To Organize Your Lego Pieces By Color

If you decide you want to organize your Legos by color, it is best to invest in several plastic containers with compartments. You can usually find these containers in craft sections.

Another option is to organize the Legos into multiple Ziploc bags. Place the bags in a large container or bin to keep them in one spot.

My children prefer to use plastic containers with compartments to organize their Legos by color. The containers are easy to store when my children are not building.

Remember, you can also organize other pieces as well. I think the blogger of The Homes I Have Made had it right when her family organized the colors as well as various pieces. To quote this blog:

We didn’t bother with breaking out the various greys, reds, browns, etc., and instead just focused on putting all of one color into a dedicated tub. We also sorted out people, weapons, head accessories, wheels, windshields, and other random things that I knew he’d try to fish out.

If you prefer to stick to your design rather than the instructions, organizing your Legos by color may work for you.

What do you do with Legos after they are built? You can find my guide on this topic by clicking here.

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Researching Rare Lego Colors and Pieces Is Fun

What is the rarest Lego color? I can honestly say I had fun researching this topic.

It was interesting to find the rarest colors, elements and pieces, especially if I want to add these pieces to my collection someday.

If you have a question regarding the wonderful world of Legos, take the time to research this topic. You may learn interesting facts that you never knew before your research.

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