Space Center


Nanoblock Space Shuttle. Lift-off for building adventure! You don’t have to be an engineer to create with Nanoblocks. Though after creating a model this good-looking people may mistake you for one! Micro-sized building blocks are perfect for the advanced builder – and deliver remarkably accurate results. Other building sets look second rate upon assembly. Nanoblocks are the epitome of stellar design. Tiniest details make this space shuttle model even more rewarding to construct. The 580 pieces take shape and provide you with a model that looks impressive on completion wherever it’s placed. For the advanced builder Nanoblocks are grand fun in miniature. Mere 4mm x 5mm pieces require incredible fine motor skills and focused attention to the instruction guide. The end results? Yeah. We’ve seen them. They’re worth it!

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Based on a scale from 1 to 5. 1 being the easiest and 5 being most advanced. This model is based at a Level 4.

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