Looking To Expand Your Pokemon Collection? Check Out My Pikachu Nanoblock Set Review

There is nothing like expanding your Nanoblock collection to add more fun to your hobby. I am always excited to add to my collection, especially when I expand my collection of Pokémon sets.


Pikachu →

  • Collection: Pokémon
  • Difficulty level 2
  • About 30 min to finish
  • Comes with 120 pieces
  • Brick sizes start at 4 mm by 5 mm
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Stands at 1.8 inches tall

It is no secret that I enjoy discussing and sharing Nanoblock and Lego collections with other fans. Whether you are starting or expanding your Pokémon Nanoblock collection, you are most likely adding the Pikachu set to your shopping list.

Therefore, I thought it would be cool to create a Pikachu set review.

As you read my Pikachu set review, you can find:

  • Details about the Pikachu set.
  • Pikachu set building instructions.
  • Information on the beloved character, Pikachu.
  • A parents’ guide to Pokémon, which is perfect if you have a young collector.
  • Reviews and tutorials from other Pokémon fans.

I am excited to dive into the world of Pokémon, Pikachu and Nanoblock with other fans.

In addition, you can expand your Lego collection by checking out the rarest colors and pieces here, such as the chrome black Darth Vader helmet. There is nothing wrong with collecting Nanoblock and Lego sets because variety is the spice of life.

Learn About Pikachu Nanoblock Set With A Detailed Review

It is hard to settle on the Pikachu set without the proper details. How many pieces does the set include? What is the difficulty level? Does the set include precise instructions?

I am going to answer these questions and more in my review. My goal is to help make your decision to purchase the set easier.

What Are Pikachu and Pokémon?

Whether you are shopping for yourself, your child or another fan, it never hurts to learn about Pikachu and the Pokémon series in general. This way, you can use the details to choose your Pokémon Nanoblock sets and create various scenes and displays.

Meet Pikachu

One of the most popular characters in Pokémon history, Pikachu is adorable with its soft, stretchy cheek sacs. However, this little yellow creature has the power to generate enough electricity to take out its opponents. While Pikachu’s strength is electricity, its weakness is the ground.

What Are Pokémon?

Pokémon are creatures that live in the wild or are raised by their Trainers. These creatures grow, gain experience and occasionally evolve during their adventures and combats. There are over 700 Pokémon characters of different shapes, sizes and strengths.

Parents’ Pokémon Guide

If you are the parent of a young Pokémon fan, you may be curious about the franchise. After all, you want to ensure it is appropriate for your child. A parents’ guide can give you all the information you need about Pokémon.

In 1998, the Pokémon video game was released for the Nintendo Game Boy. Players, also known as Trainers, travel to various locations to battle other Trainers’ Pokémon.

There are two main goals of the Pokémon video game, which are to become the Pokémon League Champion and to catch as many Pokémon as possible.

It should be noted that Pokémon never uses explicit violence during adventures and battles.

The rising popularity of Pokémon has resulted in trading cards, cartoons, clubs, additional video games and the Pokémon Go application.

The Pokémon Blog notes that there are several characters available in the Pokémon Nanoblock series.

To quote this fan blog,

“This includes a giant Pikachu and the Pokéxel versions of other iconic Pokémon such as Eevee, Magikarp, Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander.”

Now that you have learned about Pikachu and Pokémon in general, it is time to continue with my Pikachu Nanoblock set review.


There are 120 pieces in the Pikachu Pokémon Collection series. Each piece measures 4 mm by 5 mm to create a small design with a perfect fit. When assembled, Pikachu stands at approximately 1.8 inches tall.

Pikachu Height

The Nanoblock Pokémon sets have received some criticism for the gripping force between the blocks, which can put a damper on a design.

To quote Concerto101,

“Still, I think a lot of attention went into them; however, I should point out that some of the models’ extremities may fall off because of the aforementioned poor gripping force between the blocks. So Pikachu’s tail and ears may be fragile, as well as Charmander’s tail.”

You may feel the gripping force between the blocks is not an issue, but it never hurts to keep the possible issue in mind when purchasing a Nanoblock set. Personally, I would purchase the set regardless because I enjoy expanding my collection.

Difficulty Level

It is no secret that some sets are harder to build than others, so you want to be sure to check the difficulty level of any Pokémon set before making a purchase. You can find the difficulty level on the package.

The sets are rated on a scale of one to five, with one being the easiest and five being the most advanced.

The nanoblock has five levels of difficulty: 1 is the easiest, 5 is the hardest

Rated at level two, the Pikachu set is easy with just a few challenges. It takes about 30 minutes to finish building this design, and Pokémon fans ages 8 and up can enjoy this Nanoblock set.

Pikachu Nanoblock Set Instructions

Every Nanoblock and Lego set comes with step-by-step instructions to make the experience a little easier. You can also find the Pikachu Nanoblock instructions online, which is convenient if you misplace the physical copy of the instructions.

Are you trying to decide between a Nanoblock or Lego set for your next purchase? In this article, you can find my comparison of both Nanoblock and Lego.

In this tutorial video, Lady KrimZen shows viewers how to assemble the Pikachu Nanoblock using step-by-step instructions. The video is over 30 minutes long to include all the steps for building Pikachu. This is perfect for fans who prefer to follow along with a video when assembling a Nanoblock set.

Buying Options

Enjoy Building Your Pikachu Nanoblock Set

You may have decided to purchase the Pikachu set after reading my review. If this is the case, I hope you enjoy building and displaying Pikachu for years to come.

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