What’s With All the Hype Over the Mewtwo Nanoblock Building Set?

If you love Pokémon characters and find satisfaction in making something special in unique, then boy are you about to get really excited. The Nanoblock Mewtwo Pokémon building set will allow you to combine these two interests as you build your own Mewtwo figurine.

Mewtwo Nanoblock Set

Mewtwo →

  • Collection: Pokémon
  • Difficulty level 2
  • About 30 min to finish
  • Comes with 130 pieces
  • Brick sizes start at 4x4x5 mm
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • 2.3 inches tall

If you aren’t familiar with Nanoblocks, they’re completely different from other building block sets you’ve seen before. What makes them unique is that the blocks are very tiny and allow you to build miniaturized 3-dimensional renderings of different characters, animals, and places around the world.

Ready to learn more and decide whether you want to give the Mewtwo Nanoblock set a try? Then you’re in the right place!

Today, I’m going to share:

  • A brief description of Mewtwo and the Mewtwo Nanoblock set
  • The dimensions of the Mewtwo Nanoblock set
  • The difficulty level of this set
  • Directions to build Mewtwo with Nanoblocks

Short Description

Before we go into the Nanoblock Mewtwo set, let’s discuss who Mewtwo is and why he is one of the best Pokémon characters that you are going to want to build (or purchase for someone else to build).

Mewtwo is a popular Pokémon character. He first appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue. A descendant of Mew with genetic alterations, Mewtwo is strong and powerful. He also has psychic abilities and is able to use telekinesis to protect himself against enemies.

Nanoblock offers a variety of Pokémon building sets, with Mewtwo being one of the best in my opinion. You can learn about some of the other popular Pokémon sets from Nanoblock here.

With this Nanoblock set, you can create a miniaturized, 3-dimension version of Mewtwo that you are certain to cherish. Proudly display your hard work, or take the blocks apart to enjoy building Mewtwo over and over.

If you’ve never assembled a Nanoblock set, then you’ll be amazed to see just how detailed the finished product is. Despite being able to fit in the palm of your hands, each Nanoblock set offers such attention to detail thanks to the numerous tiny bricks that work together to create the finished product.

Nanoblock Mewtwo Set Dimensions

As I’ve mentioned, Nanoblock bricks are small. Many of them are as small as 4 millimeters by 5 millimeters.

Mewtwo Nanoblock Set Height

The Mewtwo Nanoblock set includes 130 pieces. After you finish assembling Mewtwo, he will be just 2.3 inches tall, the perfect size to hold in your hand and admire or place on a desk or bookshelf to display.

Difficulty Level

Each Nanoblock set has a different difficulty level, ranging from level 1 to level 5. Level 1 packs are the easiest and suitable for beginners, while level 5 packs are designed for expert builders.

Both children and adults can enjoy building many of the Nanoblock sets, as long as the difficulty level matches their skill set.

Nanoblock Sets Difficulty Levels

The Mewtwo Nanoblock set is rated a level 2. Like the Eevee Nanoblock set, which is also a level 2, this set is a good choice for most beginners. You can learn more about the Eevee Nanoblock set in this article.

It should take about 30 minutes to build the Mewtwo set. However, every builder is different, so this is just an estimate.

Nanoblock Mewtwo Set Instructions

As with the Squirtle Nanoblock set and all the other Nanoblock sets, the Mewtwo set includes clear, step-by-step directions to help you build the figuring. You can also preview the instructions here, if you’d like to see them ahead of time. You can also learn more about the Squirtle Nanoblock set in this article.

Interested to watch the steps needed to build Mewtwo with Nanoblocks? Watch this video to see how all the tiny bricks come together to create a detailed and unique figurine.

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This Nanoblock Mewtwo set is perfect for Pokémon fans, both young and old. Whether you’re purchasing it as a gift for a child to build and re-build or for yourself to display alongside all of your other Pokémon figurines, you can’t go wrong with this Mewtwo building set from Nanoblock!

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