Nanoblock Collector? Enhance Your Collection By Looking For The Best Nanoblock Dogs Sets

Nanoblock is known for offering popular characters, structures and landmarks. However, it is okay to break out of those groups with sets such as animals.

I have loved dogs my whole life, so I could not resist adding Nanoblock dog sets to my collection. The best part is finding sets that resemble my own dogs.

You can expand your collection by checking out the dog sets on the market, and you can learn about these sets by checking out my guide.

My research consists of various blogs, websites and videos, and I am also using my own experience in these building kits. This way, you have the information you need to purchase your next set.

As you read through my guide, you can find…

  • My list of the best Nanoblock dog sets
  • Details on these sets
  • Must-have accessories to create an enjoyable experience
  • Videos from other collectors

Did you know that Nanoblock sets always come with extra pieces? The extra pieces come in handy if you lose a piece or want to tweak a design. I like to build extra characters and elements with my extra pieces.

My Top Pick

Of course, I am starting my guide with my top pick for the best Nanoblock dogs set.

Boxer Building Set →

Nanoblock Boxer SetWhat’s inside?

  • Comes with 150 pieces
  • The smallest bricks are 4 x 5 mm
  • Includes step-by-step instructions
  • Assembled model 0.94 x 2.36 x 3 inches

Killer feature

  • Realistic features of the popular dog breed, the Boxer

Buying Options

My top pick is the Boxer Building Set because of its realistic details, from its facial features to its posture. There is something about the eyes that grab my attention, but they are similar to the actual breed’s eyes. It did not take long to build my little boxer, so I was able to display this pup on my shelf within 30 minutes of opening it.

Also Great

In addition to my top pick, I wanted to share another dog set I think is a great addition to any collection.

Brown Beagle Building Set →

Nanoblock Brown Beagle SetWhat’s inside?

  • Comes with 130 pieces
  • The smallest bricks are 4 x 5 mm
  • Includes step-by-step instructions
  • Dimensions are 1.26 x 2.13 x 2.95 inches

Killer feature

  • The adorable, cheerful expression on its face, which I can easily see through the bricks

Buying Options

The Brown Beagle Building Set is another great choice because of the charming details. Everything from the black eyes to the little nose to the floppy ears catches my attention. It did not take more than 30 minutes to build this adorable pup, and I feel this set is a fun way to show off my love for beagles.

Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for Nanoblock dog sets, there are several things to keep in mind. You want to ensure you are purchasing the best sets for yourself or your loved one. This is why I have put together a buyer’s guide for choosing Nanoblock sets.

Step 1: Difficulty Level

It never hurts to check out the difficulty level on the packaging to ensure it is a good choice, especially if you are purchasing a set for a younger or beginner builder.

The difficulty level of all standard sets is based on a scale of one to five. One is the easiest level and ideal for beginners, and five is the most advanced level and ideal for experienced builders.

Nanoblock Sets Difficulty Levels

Luckily, all sets come with easy-to-follow instructions to help you build your model.

Are you looking for a set that offers a fun challenge? The Golden Gate Bridge set is always a good choice. In this article, I share my Nanoblock Golden Gate Bridge set review.

Step 2: How Many Pieces?

The next thing you want to check is the number of pieces included in the set. You can find the number of pieces on the packaging.

You may not have a preference on the number of pieces in a set, but it does help to check the number of pieces if you are purchasing the set for someone else.

There are sets with as few as 80 pieces and as many as 6,000 pieces. The total count usually includes the display baseplate and extra pieces.

I feel the number of pieces depends on difficulty level, recommended age group and the design itself.

A beginner builder may not want to start with a 6,000-piece set, but an advanced builder may be looking for more than 100 pieces in a set. However, this is a matter of experience and personal preference.

If you are shopping from the Mini Collection series, you can find sets with fewer pieces to create an easier building experience.

To quote the Manipal Blog,

The Mini Collection series contains a themed collection of projects, numbering from 80 to 150 pieces each, mostly replicas of common or exotic animals, pets, or insects, but you can also find sets about your favorite hobby.

Step 3: Age Group

If you are adding to your own collection, the recommended age group may not make a difference to you. My collection is full of sets that are recommended for various age groups.

However, it is best to check the age group if you are shopping for another builder. A large set geared towards adults may not be suitable for a child who is just starting out in Nanoblock.

The recommended age group can be found on the packaging, and it is based on the design and difficulty level of the set. A level two set is suitable for ages 8 and older, and a level three set is suitable for ages 15 and older.

If you are shopping for very young children, you may want to look into the Nanoblock Plus sets. These sets are suitable for ages 5 and older.

3 Best Nanoblock Dogs Sets

Nanoblock Boxer Set

1. Boxer Building Set →

Best of a dog set with realistic details. The details are very similar to the actual breed.

Nanoblock Brown Beagle Set

2. Brown Beagle Building Set →

Best for building the most popular dog breed, with details ranging from the facial features to the tail.

Nanoblock Chihuahua Building Kit

3. Brown Chihuahua Building Kit →

Best for building the smallest dog breed, which is perfect for this brand.

1. Boxer Building Set

Nanoblock Boxer Building Set

The Boxer Building Set is part of The Mini Collection, which gives you the opportunity to work on micro-sized projects in various themes. Once assembled, the boxer measures .94 inches by 2.36 inches by 3 inches. The set includes extra pieces, but it does not include a display baseplate. However, you can balance the assembled dog on a flat surface. The Boxer Building Set also comes with step-by-step instructions to create an enjoyable building experience.

Number of Pieces: 150

Ages: 8 and older

Difficulty: Level 2

Why I Choose It: The accurate details of this micro-sized boxer play a big part in this set being my top pick. It really does look like a boxer once assembled, and you can easily look at the finished product and figure out its breed. The difficulty level is another reason I chose this set. It provides a small challenge without becoming too frustrating. Overall, I think it is a great set for both children and adults.

Get an idea of how to put together the Boxer Set. In this video, Explosive Shots shows you how to put together the boxer in a speed build. It also gives you a glimpse of the assembled boxer.

Buying Options

2. Brown Beagle Building Set

Nanoblock Brown Beagle Building Set

The Brown Beagle Building Set allows you to put together one of the most popular breeds. It is also part of The Mini Collection dog breed series. Once assembled, this adorable model measures 1.26 inches by 2.13 inches by 2.95 inches. The set comes with extra pieces and step-by-step instructions to create a smooth building experience. It does not come with a display baseplate, but you can place your beagle on a flat surface.

Number of Pieces: 130

Ages: 8 and older

Difficulty: Level 2

Why I Choose It: The adorable features of this beagle set captured my attention and my heart from day one. Everything from the facial features to the tail is similar to an actual beagle. I also like that it is another level two set because it is perfect for children and adults.

Speaking of children, I am not the only person who feels this is a great set for such a young age group. To quote The Barmy Beagle, “Creativity will flourish with this micro-sized building block set. Suitable for children 8 years of age or older, it promotes planning skills in addition to creative play while developing hand-eye coordination and spatial thinking.”

Calamity Jenn shows you how to put the beagle together in this video. Once assembled, you can get a glimpse of the finished product and compact size.

Buying Options

3. Brown Chihuahua Building Kit

Brown Chihuahua Building Kit

Part of The Mini Collection, you can build an adorable brown chihuahua for your own collection. This compact dog is perfect for your nightstand, desk or shelf. You can also find a white chihuahua building kit, which is great for creating multiple chihuahuas. The Brown Chihuahua Building Kit comes with step-by-step instructions and extra pieces to create a fun building experience. It does not come with a display baseplate, but the chihuahua can be balanced on a flat surface to create an adorable display.

Number of Pieces: 180

Ages: 12 and older

Difficulty: Level 3

Why I Choose It: The brown chihuahua building kit is absolutely adorable, and it is perfect for adding this small but popular breed to your collection. I love that it comes in brown and white sets because it can appeal to various dog owners. Of course, I also love the accurate details of this building set.

In this video, Jesse Hamad shows you how to follow the instructions to put together both Nanoblock chihuahua sets. There is even a guest appearance from an adorable chihuahua-boxer mix. The video gives you a glimpse at the compact design of these chihuahua models.

Buying Options

If you want to add sets based on characters, animations and television series to your collection, consider Evangelion. You can find my Nanoblock Evangelion sets review by clicking here.

Other Must-haves

You can find a range of accessories that create an exciting building experience. Whether you want something to help you pick up your pieces or a fun way to display your design, here are several must-have accessories for your collection.

Nanoblock TweezersNanoblock Tweezers

If you are looking for an easier way to pick up your pieces, look no further than the Nanoblock Tweezers. It is not always easy to pick up the micro-sized pieces, but this lightweight tool saves you a lot of time and frustration. The tweezers measure 4.7 inches tall to give you a comfortable grip.

Nanoblock LED Display Base

Nanoblock LED Display BaseLight up your design with this LED Display Base. This base alternates blue, green, red and white lights to create a fun display. In addition, it measures 4 inches by 4 inches to fit various models. The base can be powered with batteries or a USB port.

Multi-Colour Nanoblock  Collection Case

Nanoblock Collection Case

Safely display your models with the Multi-Colour Collection Case. It features a baseplate inside an acrylic case to ensure your models are secure while on display. You can create a bigger display by connecting multiple collection cases together.

Choose The Best Nanoblock Dog Sets

When you are ready to look for the best Nanoblock dogs sets, be sure to use my buyer’s guide and reviews to help determine your next purchase. You can even start by purchasing the dog sets on my list. My goal is to ensure you choose a set that is perfect for your collection.

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