Are you looking at LOZ blocks vs Nanoblocks? Let’s figure out which one is better

As a person who enjoys building things with small blocks, I decided to do some research and find out about all the different types of tiny blocks currently on the market. Immediately, I realized that the two most popular types of tiny blocks are Nanoblocks and LOZ blocks.

Both appear to be really neat and fun, so I wanted to determine which was a better buy. After completing my research, my goal was to help others who may be in the same predicament and are trying to decide between these two spectacular block choices.

After reading this article, you will officially know:

  • The explanation of nanoblocks
  • The explanation of LOZ blocks
  • The comparisons and differences of Nanoblocks vs LOZ blocks
  • Which is the better option for you


Short Explanation of Nanoblock

A Nanoblock is Japan’s original tiny block. These little blocks are 1/8 of the size of a traditional block. They are small, cute, fun, and great for hobbies and gifts. Everyone enjoys playing with these convenient blocks that can be taken on the go, whether you are eight years old or 85 years old. These neat objects inspire one’s creativity, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills. All of these blocks are created at the headquarters in Tokyo.

For a quick look at a time lapse of an individual building the Nanoblock Himeji Castle set, watch Geckty’s YouTube video. This set is incredible and will give you a unique look at these types of blocks as well as how to build this set.

As a first-time Nanoblock user, I suggest starting with one of the Pokemon sets. They are a lot of fun and will keep you intrigued for hours. To help you determine which are the best Nanoblock Pokemon sets, check out this article that covers this topic as well as lists the top sets for your convenience.

Short Explanation of LOZ Blocks

LOZ blocks are another form of tiny blocks. They resemble Legos but are smaller. These blocks come in a variety of different colors and are made of safe materials. The corners are adjusted and smooth. Each LOZ block is easy to connect together using a framework that is similar to Lego’s. These types of blocks can be described as adorable and fun to play with.

If you would like to see a quick, detailed video on an individual building a LOZ block set, check out Baby Cookie’s YouTube video. She gives you an up-close look at the Carnival Series Claw Machine set that she is building.

I will now compare the two highly sought-after mini blocks.

LOZ Blocks vs Nanoblocks

It is crucial that you compare these two very similar blocks to help you determine which may be better for you and your interests. There are several aspects that you should consider when deciding between LOZ blocks vs Nanoblocks.

Below, I will take the time to explain in detail a few of the most important key points that you should look at when making this difficult choice. These include dimensions, prices, quality, variety of sets, age recommendations, difficulty levels, and easiest instructions.

1. Dimensions

Both of these types of blocks measure to be the same exact size, which is 4mm x 4mm x 5mm.

Next, I will go over the price points of these two different types of blocks.

2. Price

The price seems to vary on both types of blocks. For example, you can purchase the simple Nanoblock Pokemon kit for about $10 or the fancier Bonsai Matsu Deluxe kit for about $55.

Nanoblock Pokemon kit and Bonsai Matsu Deluxe kit

For the LOZ blocks, you can purchase the simple Chinatown store kit for about $15 or the fancier Architecture Spring Festival kit for about $60.

Chinatown store kit and Architecture Spring Festival kit

As you can see, both of these block options have cheap and expensive choices depending on what type of set you are looking to buy.

3. Quality

Since the Nanoblock is the original mini block, this type of block is very high quality. The level of detail cannot compare. LOZ blocks are considered to be “knock off” or “replica” versions of the Nanoblocks, and they are a different style of block.

To get a more detailed look at the difference of how these blocks look next to each other, I recommend checking out these pictures.

4. Variety of Sets

Both the LOZ blocks and Nanoblocks have more variety when it comes to block sets.

Nanoblock and LOZ sets

Another type of block that has a great variety of sets are Legos. Once you have discovered Legos and Nanoblocks, it may seem like a difficult decision to choose between the two block styles. Therefore, I have written an article that provides an in-depth comparison of Nanoblocks vs Legos. You can head over to my other article here.

5. For What Age

Although it depends on the set that you select, most of the Nanoblocks are for ages 8 and up, and the LOZ blocks are typically appropriate for ages 4 and up. Therefore, if you are searching for a gift for a child, this may be a big deciding factor depending on the age of the child.

6. Difficulty Level

Nanoblocks and LOZ blocks both have easy level to expert level sets. So, you have the option of choosing all types of levels when it comes to both block styles.

7. Instructions: Which Set Is Easier to Follow?

The Nanoblocks and LOZ blocks both attempt to provide significant instructions to complete the sets. However, Nanoblocks appears to have easier instructions to follow.

Instructions for building up nanoblock Polar Bear

For example, the Nanoblock instruction sheet tells you the exact number of pieces you need for each step. This is great because it ensures that there is no mix up. The LOZ blocks does not do this, which can cause some confusion at times if you are not paying close attention.

8. Collaborations with Other Large Franchises

Nanoblocks has collaborated with BAPE, McDonalds, PAC-MAN, and Saint Laurent Rive Droite. These companies that have collaborated with Nanoblocks have created their own signature brands in these neat miniature blocks.

LOZ blocks has not officially collaborated with any large franchises at this time.

9. A Few Points to Keep in Mind

Nanoblocks are the Japanese version of the mini blocks, while LOZ blocks are the Chinese version. I would also keep in mind that Nanoblocks seem to be a bit more fragile than the other type of blocks. However, this not a big deal if you use the constructor as intended by the manufacturer and not try to smash it against the wall.

Additionally, it is not uncommon to find extra pieces in your block sets, especially Legos. If this is something that you have recently experienced and it has sparked your curiosity, I wrote an article explaining why Lego sets have extra pieces. You can learn more about this here.

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Which One Should You Choose

All in all, miniature blocks have become increasingly popular over the years. You can carry these little sets anywhere that you go, and they are certain to be a blast among you and friends.

When deciding between LOZ blocks vs Nanoblocks, my personal opinion is to choose the LOZ blocks if you are just looking to have fun as these are a bit cheaper. However, if authenticity and high-quality matters to you, my advice is to choose the Nanoblocks. They are the real deal and make awesome showcase pieces on a shelf after you have completed the set.

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