Learn All About This Loveable Pokémon and Building Kit With My Сharmander Nanoblock Review

If you have read my past reviews and posts, you know I love expanding my Pokémon Nanoblock collection. My latest addition is the Charmander Nanoblock set.


Сharmander →

  • Collection: Pokémon
  • Difficulty level 2
  • About 30 min to finish
  • Comes with 110 pieces
  • Brick sizes start at 4x4x5 mm
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Stands at 1.6 inches tall

The Charmander set was released in May 2021, so it is still new but not difficult to find in stores. I actually ordered my Charmander set off Amazon a few months ago.

I have already built the Charmander model, so I thought it would be fun to put together a review of this set. After all, you may want to know if it is a good choice for your Nanoblock collection.

As you read my review, you can find…

  • Details on the Charmander Nanoblock set.
  • Information on the popular character and Pokémon in general.
  • Thoughts from other Pokémon and Nanoblock collectors.

In addition to my own experience, I have checked out Amazon, YouTube and Pokémon-themed blogs and websites to put together a well-thought-out review.

When I put together a review, I like to include some information on the topic at hand. You may be shopping for your first Pokémon set, so it helps to learn a bit about the character and franchise in general.

Meet Charmander

Charmander is a fire Pokémon that is categorized as a lizard. This Pokémon can evolve into the Charmelon and Charizard over time. It also has an always-burning tail that changes with its mood.

When Charmander is content, its tail can be seen waving gently. However, its tail burns intensely when it is angry and ready for battle. In the rain, steam can be seen spouting from the tip of its tail.

Finally, Charmander’s weakness is water, rocks and the ground.

Pokémon Electronic Game

The original Pokémon electronic game was released by Nintendo in Japan in 1996. It was introduced on the Nintendo Game Boy in the United States in 1998.

Players take on the role of trainers, and their goal is to catch, train and develop various Pokémon creatures. Trainers and their Pokémon journey to different locations to battle other Pokémon.

The rising popularity of Pokémon has led to additional electronic games, trading card games, toys and a cartoon series.

Charmander Nanoblock Set

The Charmander Nanoblock allows you to build a 3D model of this popular fire Pokémon. I love the accurate details of the finished product, from the blue eyes to the flaming design on the tip of its tail.

I wanted to share a quote about the accurate details from one of my favorite Pokémon blogs, which is Concerto101. To quote this blogger,

“Generally, each model has good detail that makes them distinguishable. Charmander’s tail has some translucent pieces to emulate a glowing flame.”

Once I finished building Charmander, I was happy to display it on the baseplate that was included in the set.

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Сharmander Nanoblock Set Dimension.

The Charmander set comes with 110 pieces, and this includes the extra blocks that are found in every set.

You can find blocks as small as 4 mm by 5 mm to build a palm-size 3D model of the loveable character. When fully assembled, Charmander stands at 1.6 inches tall.

Charmander nanoblock set height

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Сharmander Nanoblock Set Difficulty Level

On a scale of one for the easiest and five for the most advanced, the Charmander Nanoblock set is based at level two. This set is ideal for ages eight and older.

Nanoblock sets difficulty levels

While the Charmander set is easy compared to other models, it does offer a bit of a challenge to prevent a boring experience.

It only took me about 30 minutes to build Charmander, but this set was not as difficult as other Nanoblock sets.

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Сharmander Nanoblock Set Instructions

The Charmander set comes with detailed step-by-step instructions to make it easier to build your design.

Of course, I know the instructions for any collectible can become difficult to follow.

Another one of my favorite Pokémon blogs shared a tip to help you get back on track. To quote Heart in Flight Crochet,

“If you get stuck then look at the picture in the next step, they show assembled blocks as a lighter color, the relative positions should help you figure it out and work backwards.”

In addition, you can easily find the instructions for the Charmander set online.

TheTrunkleton shows viewers how to build Charmander in this video. The video runs at 35 minutes, giving you an idea of how long it takes to build this Pokémon character.

Buying Options

Charmander Nanoblock Set: Absolutely Worth It

Overall, I feel the Charmander Nanoblock set is worth the time and money. It is challenging but not impossible to build this Pokémon character, and you can create a 3D model of this beloved creature to display in your home.

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