Is Bulbasaur A Good Choice For Your Collection? Find Out In My Bulbasaur Nanoblock Review

I have been collecting Pokémon Nanoblock sets for a while now, and I always enjoy putting together reviews of my various Pokémon sets. After all, it is a great way to share my love with other Pokémon and Nanoblock fans.


Bulbasaur →

  • Collection: Pokémon
  • Difficulty level 2
  • About 30 min to finish
  • Comes with 120 pieces
  • Brick sizes start at 4x4x5 mm
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Stands at 1.2 inches tall

Bulbasaur is a popular character in my house. My children enjoy this little creature just as much as I do, so it is only fitting that my next review is on the Bulbasaur Nanoblock set.

Did you know that Bulbasaur means “strange seed” in most languages? With a plant seed on its back that slowly grows larger, I feel Bulbasaur is a fitting name for this Pokémon.

While the Nanoblock Bulbasaur may be bigger than a seed, it is still a small toy that makes a big impact on any collection.

As you read through my review, you can learn about…

  • The Bulbasaur Nanoblock set.
  • The beloved Bulbasaur creature itself.
  • The Pokémon electronic game.

I have checked out various websites, blogs and YouTube videos for my review. In addition, I am using my own experience with the Nanoblock Bulbasaur set. I took the time to build and display my Bulbasaur several months ago.

My goal is to share information and thoughts on this Nanoblock Pokémon set, so you can decide if it is worth adding to your collection.

Learn About Bulbasaur and The Bulbasaur Nanoblock Set

When I purchase a Nanoblock set based on a character or franchise, I like to learn everything I can to ensure I am putting together an accurate display.

Therefore, I figure other fans want to learn more about Bulbasaur, Pokémon and the set itself before making a purchase.

Meet Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur is a grass and poison Pokémon that has the ability to overgrow.

You can find a seed on its back that has been there since birth. As time moves on, the seed slowly grows larger.

Bulbasaur’s weaknesses are fire, ice, flying and psychic.

In addition, this little Pokémon can evolve into the Ivysaur and Venusaur over time.

Pokémon Electronic Game

The Pokémon electronic game was originally released by Nintendo in Japan in 1996. It was known as Pokémon Green and Pokémon Red.

In 1998, the Pokémon electronic game was released on the Nintendo Game Boy in the United States. This Pokémon game was known as Red and Blue.

The object of the game is for players to become trainers of their Pokémon. A trainer’s job is to catch and train Pokémon to engage in battle with other Pokémon in various locations.

In addition to the electronic games, Pokémon has also released a cartoon series, trading card games and toy sets for fans of all ages.

My Review of The Bulbasaur Nanoblock Set

Bulbasaur Before The Bulbasaur Nanoblock set allows you to build a small 3D design of this grass and poison Pokémon.

I have always been a fan of accurate details on a collectible. Needless to say, I am impressed with details such as Bulbasaur’s red eyes and the seed on its back.

While browsing through Pokémon-related blog posts, I came across a post from Thoughtful Pigeon. They are happy with the Bulbasaur set in general, but they did have the following to say about the color of this creature:

It also seems very dark to me for a Bulbasaur, I’d expect a brighter green for the body so it stood out more.

Overall, the details are pretty good for a small-scale Pokémon set.

There are several other creatures in the Pokémon Nanoblock series collection. In this article, you can learn a bit about the Eevee Nanoblock set.

Bulbasaur Nanoblock Set Dimensions

There are 120 pieces in the Bulbasaur set, and this includes the extra pieces that always come in Nanoblock sets.

Bulbasaur Nanoblock Height

The smallest bricks measure 4 mm by 5 mm to create a small but detailed design. Once you assemble Bulbasaur, the model stands at 1.2 inches tall.

I think ZC-Infinity had the right idea when they called Bulbasaur the shortest of the set. After all, the number of pieces may throw you off when trying to determine the shortest or tallest model.

To quote this blogger,

I’m tempted to call this the smallest model of the lot, but it still has more pieces than what actually is the smallest, so I guess it’s just the “shortest” of the set.

Are you wondering about the tallest creature of the Pokémon Nanoblock series collection? You can check out my review of other Nanoblock Pokémon sets by clicking here.

Bulbasaur Nanoblock Set Difficulty Level

The difficulty level of each Nanoblock set is based on a scale of one to five. One is the easiest level, and five is the most advanced level.

Nanoblock Sets Difficulty Levels

The Bulbasaur set is based at level two, which means it is easy with a bit of a challenge. It is appropriate for ages eight and older.

From my experience, it took about 30 minutes to finish building Bulbasaur. I am displaying my Bulbasaur on the baseplate that is included in the set.

If you are looking for level two Pokémon sets, look no further than Pikachu. In this article, you can find my review of the Pikachu Nanoblock set.

Bulbasaur Nanablock Set Instructions

Every Nanoblock set comes with step-by-step instructions, but you can also find a copy of the Bulbasaur set instructions online. This way, you never have to worry about losing a copy of the instructions.

If you prefer a step-by-step video to take you through the instructions, this is the Nanoblock Bulbasaur video for you. Thingamajig Thursday has put together a video tutorial on how to build Bulbasaur.

Buying Options

The Bulbasaur Nanablock Set Is A Great Addition To Any Collection

With its accurate details, level two difficulty and step-by-step instructions, I think the Bulbasaur Nanoblock set is a great addition to any collection.

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