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Run up the main sail and load the cannons! Arrrrrr! This advanced 780-piece Nanoblock building set has all the flavor of the high seas in great detail! The main sail even sports a skull and crossbones so you will never mistake the intent of this ship approaching in the night. The main sail is surrounded by the ships shrouds holding the mast steady. You can almost see the cabin boys shimmying up them for sport! No need to weigh anchor because this pirate ship is unstoppable! This is what the rogues of the seven seas would have sailed a hundred and fifty years ago. Oil lamps line the quarterdeck above the captains cabin–which includes glowing windows to show that hes hard at work below-deck plotting a course into infamy. The ships wheel is mounted at the helm. A crows nest sits atop the mizzen mast with a black flag stretching to the sky above. Below the main deck a row of cannons peek out the gun ports. Barrels of gunpowder dot the decks within easy reach of all the crew. A jib boom extends the bowsprit above the figurehead. Its so realistic down to the tri-colored sides representing the different colors of wood used in olden-time sailing ships! You can almost smell the gruel simmering in the galley and hear the men singing “Yo ho ho and a bottle of root beer!”


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Based on a scale from 1 to 5. 1 being the easiest and 5 being most advanced. This model is based at a Level 3.


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